The course of 2017 Moves In! Bike racks are all occupied. Lines are a little bit longer again to get food. Publications are being bought. Tools are put away and summer time construction has dwindled down (well, nearly all of it). Automobiles filled up with boxes of clothing and school supplies are increasingly being directed around campus to halls that are residential. Moving carts, student ID cards, and last second trips to Target; folks, it is officially Move-In time.
I was overwhelmed by the energy of the campus as I was walking the campus to take some pictures. Sometimes we forget that I work at a university campus filled with dreamers, innovators, and future leaders that are global. I found myself just using all of it in while smiling at students and parents I have never met before. ( It might were a little weird, but hey, I was caught in an instant). Suddenly, I wished to travel back in time, go back again to college and experience this all over again!
Yesterday morning, I saw the look of excitement and awe on the faces of first-year students as they were entering their dorms for the time that is first. Subsequently, we sensed a great quantity of pride and a little bit of hesitation from parents because they struggled to allow their kids go. It is obvious that this moment is just a milestone in all of the lives. Students look ahead to their next four years at USC and wonder at all of the possibilities it could bring, while parents feel a sense of accomplishment since they were somewhat responsible so you can get their kids to college. With all of these emotions swirling on campus, i will realise why there have been so many hugs going around.
During the convocation that is welcome, speakers stood in front associated with the incoming class of 2017 and provided suggestions about how to take advantage of their time here at USC. I would like to reiterate what Professor Harkness, from the Dornsife College, said during her speech: Be present. It’s not as easy in your own life as it sounds but you will be a better human being the sooner you can practice it. To your new incoming freshmen at USC and present students; I challenge you become present. Show up in your classes. Show up in your conversations. Be present when you research your options. Be present once you’re meeting people that are new. Be present when you write your personal statements. Be present when you study for the AP/IB tests. Be present when you take the tests. Show up when you ask her/him shmoop college essay writing services down. Be contained in conflict. Be contained in new challenges. Be present in all of your experiences that are new adventures. Take it all in. Be present!

Hey Parents! Listen Up!

Parents play a crucial role in the entire college process. Usually times, parents help subsidize some, if not all, of attending a college or university, and they are always here to ask those specific ‘parent’ questions that you as students can’t be bothered with (really mother, did you need to inquire of the tour guide when the final meningitis outbreak was?)

However, there are instances where parents must have a back seat and allow their sons and daughters to ask the difficult concerns. Here, we’ve a compiled a listing of ‘dos and donts’ about parenting throughout the college application and search process:

Do help your son or daughter understand what they want for in a college, reminding them to consider location, size, academic programs, cost/financial aid, etc. getting a good fit for your specific wants and needs is more important than the cachet of the name.

do not gather all of the information for them! Enable them to get hold of admission counselors and find out the appropriate information for themselves. After all, they’ll be in college somewhere soon enough, and it is important they learn to navigate the procedure themselves.

Do encourage your sons and daughters to visit college campuses, and have them on those trips! The way that is best to become familiar with a college or university would be to make the visit to campus.

Don’t check your sons and daughters in for campus tours, interviews, receptions, etc. Allow them get it done! This shows us that they are independent and mature.

Do remind your sons and daughters that not getting in to their first option school may seem like the end associated with the globe at that moment, but that things exercise and that they’ll be successful wherever they’re going provided that they strive. And, encourage them to transfer if that institution remains at the top of these list even after enrolling someplace else.

Don’t fill their applications out for them! We could tell and it reflects poorly on the applicant. We understand that these are teenagers applying and expect their applications to mention their voice that is true and.

So the moral is: find a stability. Realize that your child is mostly about to attempt a life-changing journey and that starting to simply take ownership of the college application procedure is a good jumping off point. But, also rest assured that we are here to answer those tough ‘parent’ concerns, even when they include where you should send the care package.

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