Simm Samm Airways offers you the liberty to plan your own schedule with the freedom and flexibility to land anywhere, anytime. Our On-demand scheduling team can organize a wide range of aircrafts or helicopters to suit your specific mission, enabling you to travel to multiple destinations in the shortest time possible.

We offer high standards of safety and comfort while ensuring best pricing. Our team works tirelessly to ensure excellent service. We meticulously manage every detail of you travel right down to the specific catering requirements.

For our clients with recurring charter needs, we review your needs and develop a custom tailored volume discount charter plan whereby the client receives incentive pricing for purchasing bulk time.

Our Fleet

1) Beechcraft Premier 1A

Beechcraft premierThe Premier 1A is an epitome of speed, safety, comfort and the best that aviation technology has to offer.

It demonstrates exceptional performance made possible by its swept wing design and ultra – strong drag – reducing fuselage which is fabricated with Industry – leading light – weight carbon fibre composite technology, due to which it delivers a spacious and quiet cabin with more room for seating and in-flight movement and amenities.

The Premier 1A combines outstanding dependability with unsurpassed style and comfort offering a memorable flying experience which leaves you asking for more!

Price: 2,15,000/hr + taxes
Max Capacity – 6 pax

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  • Go Faster, up to 454 knots true airspeed.
  • Spacious, Comfortable and Stand Up Cabin (largest in its Class)
  • Fully Articulating Club Seating
  • Executive Tables
  • Independent Dual-Zone Cabin Climate Control
  • Refreshment Centre
  • Chemical Lavatory
Manufacturer Hawker Beechcraft
Year of Manufacture 2008
Engines Twin Williams Intl. FJ44-2A Turbofan Jet
Max Cruise Speed 454 kt.
AUW 5670 kg.
Seating Capacity 2+6

 2) Ecureuil AS350 B3

Plane 1

The high-performance AS350 B3 featuring dual FADEC and dual hydraulics – is known around the world as the helicopter that conquered Mount Everest.

The AS350 B3 outclasses all other single engine helicopters for performance, versatility and safety. It excels in hot conditions and very high altitudes. It is well acknowledged for its high performance and outstanding maneuverability making it the ideal machine to conquer any terrain you set your eyes on

The AS350 B3 is powered by a single Turbomeca Arriel 2B1 engine of 847 shp.

Independent Dual-Zone Cabin Climate Control.

Price: 1,50,000/hr + applicable taxes
Max Capacity – 5 pax

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Manufacturer Eurocopter
Year of Manufacture 2006
Engines Turbomeca Arriel 2 Turbine with Dual Channel FADEC
Max Cruise Speed 137 kt.
AUW 2250 kg.
Seating Capacity 1+5

3) MD 900

MD 900The MD 900 is a light twin utility helicopter powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW200 series engines.

It has the largest functional cabin in its light twin class, equaling that of medium twin class helicopters making it an ideal machine for VIP travel.

Large cabin door openings on both sides of the aircraft allow unrestricted movement.

It features Boeing’s unique NOTAR (No – Tail Rotor) anti torque system, with benefits including safety, far lower noise levels and performance and controllability enhancements.

It also reduces the overall helicopter vibrations, which increases passenger comfort.

In addition the five – bladed main rotor adds to the smooth performance.

Independent Dual-Zone Cabin Climate Control.

Price: 2,30,000/hr + Applicable taxes
Max Capacity – 6 pax

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Manufacturer Mc Donnell Douglas
Year of Manufacture 1996
Engines Two Pratt &Whitney Canada PW206A Turbo shaft
Max Cruise Speed 132 kt.
AUW 2954 kg.
Seating Capacity 2+6 / 1+7

Special Helicopter Services 

  • Religious Tours
  • Flower and Leaflet Dropping
  • Aerial Photography
  • Election Campaigning
  • Mercy Missions
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Film Shootings


  • Simm Samm Airways adheres to all the safety and regulatory requirements laid down by the Indian DGCA.
  • We are the custodians of your safety in the skies and are proud to have a no accident record.
  • Our flight crew and ground staff are trained and experienced beyond the industry requirements.
  • Our flight crew undergoes checks twice a year without exception.
  • Our fleet undergoes frequent checks and adheres to global maintenance safety requirements.

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