Aircraft owner ship can provide the ultimate in privacy, productivity and timesaving. However, aircraft management is a complex responsibility that requires proper oversight to ensure your asset is being effectively maintained from a physical, operational and financial perspective.

We at Simm Samm Airways understand that no two owners are the same and that a totally unique approach is required for each and every individual.


Comprehensive aircraft management allows you all the benefits of ownership without the hassles.

Oversight and regulatory compliance

From trip feasibility analyses to overflying and landing permits, we handle all your domestic and international requirements. We keep abreast the latest standards to make sure you comply with all domestic and international regulations.

Flight Operations

We offer 24 hours flight dispatch and coordination facilities. We take care of the comprehensive flight operations including crew and aircraft scheduling, flight crew travel support, on-board catering and ground handling facilities and international permits.

Flight Crew selection and contracting

We will recruit, hire and train your crew as well as manage employee relationships and conflict resolution.

Aircraft Maintenance

Simm Samm Airways operates under the most stringent maintenance procedures in corporate aviation in the country. Our comprehensive CAMO facility ensures that your aircraft is continuously monitored and airworthy at all times.

Charter revenue potential

We can help you charter your airplane when not in use by you to ensure optimum utilization and revenue generation.To know more please contact our aircraft management team.

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