Brand new Dating Online Game ‘Dream Father’ Lets You Big Date This Hot AF Asian Dad

***Literally all things are spoilers. You’ve come cautioned***

Oh my personal God, I feel like I’m a horny 15-year-old rabid fangirl once again.

Earlier this thirty days, the highly anticipated matchmaking sim name, desired father, was launched. Produced by Online Game Grumps, the cheesy love game centers on an individual father with his almost off-to-college daughter whom locates themselves in a neighborhood full of date-able dads*.

And even though there is a large number of father minds to take, the worthiest dad is actually the one and only Craig Cahn, aka exercise dad, aka DAMN DADDY.

Let’s begin from the start: you’re , a mild-mannered single father just who only relocated inside community together with your eighteen-year-old girl, Amanda. You’re putting some rounds once you come across Craig Cahn (voiced by NateWantsToBattle), their old college roommate. You’re legitimately content, as the man you when knew — Keg-Stand Craig, who as soon as downed an entire container of marinara sauce because he known as they a “smoothie” — is a SWOLE AF dad of three, including a super sexy kids secured to their upper body (you understand, for weight training).

Sweet. Therefore he’s plainly an Asian Adonis and too pure for this globe. However it improves: his ol’ college or university girlfriend-turned-wife, “Smashley”, has stopped being from inside the picture, because they had gotten divorced a year ago. Very uhh… daddy’s unmarried, and we’re willing to socialize. So when the guy asks you to choose your to view him train their daughters’ softball video game, we get during the chance to discover Craig Cahn for action. Hot, hot, softball mentor motion.

Umm, okay, so he’s a hot ass softball coach single father whom renders very sweet teens. In which has actually he already been all our schedules. Sadly, he’s constantly being strike on by every softball mothers. Janet, Martha, while the relax desire their legitimately bangin’ dad bod, and even though we really can’t pin the blame on them, that dad bod is going to be ours… whenever we perform our notes appropriate. Nevertheless the mothers persist, and persuade united states to all or any stack up to the auto and visit Thirsty’s Pizza to pay a bit more time with him.

After ducking and dodging the THOT mothers being cast his means, Craig Cahn will get roped into playing DDR (big turn-on) by his teenagers therefore run perform pinball with ours. In the course of time, we sneak aside, making Briar and Hazel, Craig’s twins, with buddies for a sleepover, and my girl pushes herself room. Eventually — we have Craig Cahn’s undivided interest. He takes us back again to the softball area where we toss a ball around. We catch-up, speaing frankly about our kids, their coaching time, along with his efforts (the guy operates an athleisure use company), whenever — OH NO — we’re struck by the baseball inside the facial skin! Craig rushes to find out if we’re fine, and, should you decide choose precisely, he’ll HUG that BETTER SJKDIJHWW OWFJSN KJ#*)ROIHWS.


A couple weeks go and a few additional schedules occur — primarily techniques, but we do check-out BRUNch (running, after that brunch) lutheran dating.

Sooner or later, we create intentions to go camping alone along, as Craig is simply very burned-out from taking good care of anyone and needs to de-stress. We setup camp and decide to choose a walk, and after making a few dad laughs about a tree that appears like a butt, we visited a waterfall — a waterfall that appears hella enjoyable to get from in to the swimming pool below. Therefore Craig do the absolute most logical thing feasible and PIECES DOWN TO their BOXERS. Therefore We tend to be asked whenever we need consider their butt — WANT THAT’S EVEN A QUESTION. HELL sure WE NEED TO NOTE THAT BOOTY. 11111. 11!1.


Very after jumping off falls and heading back again to camp, we understand some truly key reasons for having Craig — for starters, although he’s had gotten a killer bod, great kids, and an excellent work, he’s merely… sick. Like, exhausted. Handling everybody else at his expense features truly been putting on him straight down, and he’s needs to become overrun. We feeling for him, obviously — we’re attempting to end up being a bro — but we feel… something else. Something… much more.

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